Special foods list

1. Daily drink special
Please ask your server.
2. Feature Cocktail
NEGRONI Gin,campari and sweet vermouth garnished with orange peel.
3. Soup of the day
Garden vegetable soup with sliced bread and butter.
4. Lamb Benny
Grilled rack of lamb with poached eggs hollandaise sauce and sprinkled white cheddar cheese on English muffin served with home fries and mixed greens.
5. Omelette
Asparagus, mushrooms,spinach and asiago cheese omelette with home fries and mixed greens.
6. French toast.
French toast with mixed berries grand marnier infused caramel sauce on top with bacon and sausages.
7. Soup,salad,and sandwich
Meat ball sandwich with mixed bell peppers,mushrooms,tomato sauce melted asiago cheese on ciabatta with soup of the day and mixed greens.
8. Turkey Stew
Homemade turkey and potato stew served with sliced bread.